Our Story

Trufella – About Us

At about the age of 10, we all started playing football for the first time. We all kicked that “ball of energy” like just another ball, not yet realizing the power it holds. And we continued playing every day, till it became a habit. Its vitality had already started impacting me. The uniqueness of the game, which struck me, was the positive oscillation of energy.

The elements of nature associated with it were very unusual. The physical activities were driven by a swift connection with the environment; the trees around, the white ruffled clouds and the positive vibration of people playing around me.

The diversity of this game reached the edge of how we lived our life. It helped us create holistic and irreplaceable values like motivation, good health and honesty with ourselves.

And here we are, your true friend, your Trufella. It is about everything that makes you happy, that makes you “you”. It is about keeping it naïve, your way.
Find your passion and work for it till it becomes your best friend, your Trufella.
We are here to uplift you, through the power of nature, whenever you feel low.
We are here to rejuvenate the good things in your life, your passion and your environment.
We are here to support you when you loose the motivation to support yourself, your Trufella.

Our line delivers clinically proven, age-defying results that mirror exactly what you would find from the big guys with huge R&D budgets and no ingredient restrictions—but instead of plastics, and toxins, which you would be surprised to know are found in so many expensive face creams, they are loaded with organic, naturally-occurring ingredients that are actually good for you.

We walk on the path of social integrity and honesty. We utilize nature, create products which will support you like no other but your true friend, your Trufella.