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Rs 350.00


  • AYURVEDIC – First time in INDIA
  • Approved by Ministry of AAYUSH
  • Conditions hair, Helps prevent breakage
  • Rich in Vitamins A, B & E
  • Adds moisture, nourishment and body to strengthen beard



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Your  personal beard elixir. A drop’s enough to cultivate your barren face-lands. It has been nurtured and perfected through indigenous craftsmanship embedded within age-old traditions. This lightweight blended-oil contains the finest ingredients occurring in our natural habitat.. Shiny, thicker and fuller looking manly beard is what you’ll treasure through its loyal usage.

It’s pleasing and addictive fragrance is a definite head-turner. The goodness of Tea tree, Argon Oil, and Frankincense oil will help impart new dimensions to your personality. The rush of a manly beard always at your disposal will keep you ever-ready for your endeavors.

Your adventures might be intermittent, but your beard’s forever.

And our beard oil shall be your wingman for life.



1.01 fl oz / 30 ml


Tea tree Oil, Argon Oil, Frankincense Oil , Wheatgerm Oil, Prunus Amygdlus Batsch, Cocos nucifera Linn, Olea Europea linn, Brahmi Oil, Mahabhringraj Oil


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